NVIDIA has finally brought its Shield TV to European shores and as of today, October 1, it's officially on sale. If you've been looking longingly at this Android TV box from across the pond and want to grab one of your own, here's where you can buy either the regular or Pro models from right now.

It's only on sale in some countries and at select retailers, but here's a breakdown of where we know it's available so far.


Naturally, NVIDIA's own store is offering up the Shield TV along with all the relevant accessories you might want to go along with it. Oddly, at the time of writing only the 16GB model is available for £149.99 including a controller. But the stand, voice remote and additional controllers are all there right alongside it.

Buy the NVIDIA Shield TV from the NVIDIA Store


Currently only Amazon appears to be an official retail partner for the Shield TV. As the clock ticked over onto October 1 both the regular and Pro models were still showing as unavailable, though we'd expect that to change soon. The regular model is still £149.99, with the Pro more expensive at £219.99. Voice remotes, the stand and extra controllers are also available.

Buy the NVIDIA Shield TV from Amazon


Computing retailer, Scan, based in the UK has added the complete range of Shield TV products to its lineup. Both regular and Pro versions of the set-top box are available alongside the voice remote, additional controller and stand. Pricing is on par with both NVIDIAs own store and Amazon, at £149.99 and £219.98 for the 16GB and 500GB Shield TV respectively.

Buy the NVIDIA Shield TV from Scan

That's all we've got for now. If you find it on sale at another supporting retailer somewhere in Europe be sure to drop it into the comments below.

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