Best answer: You can buy a Fossil Sport charger right from the official website at $25, or you can buy it for the same price from Amazon and get free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime.

Where should you buy?

There is no real difference between purchasing the charger from Amazon or Fossil apart from the fact that Fossil chargers will be eligible for repairs directly from the manufacturer. Amazon does not offer this service.

How does the Fossil Sport charger work?

If this is your first time having a Fossil Sport, charging is simple. To charge your Fossil Sport, you'll need to first plug the USB cord into a power source. Once that is done, connect the screen of your Sport to the magnetic pad. It'll then start to charge automatically.

How long does the Fossil Sport take to charge?

The Fossil Sport can get fully charged in a little over an hour. This is useful for those who require their Sport for work or physical activity and need to get going.

How long does the Fossil Sport last once it's charged?

Depending on how you use your Sport, the answer can vary. However, the standard lasting time for the Sport is 24 hours.

What are the cheaper alternatives?

Unfortunately, there are no real cheaper alternatives that I'd recommend for you to use. While $25 does seem a lot, it's worth it to at least guarantee quality over some cheap-knock off you might accidentally get on Amazon or another third-party site.

Our pick

Fossil Gen 4 Touchscreen Smartwatch Charger

Charge up

This charger will help you in a pinch. You'll be able to charge your watch and have it ready and working in just a little over an hour.

Our pick

Fossil Sport Watch

Monitor your activity

The Fossil Sport watch helps you monitor your heartbeat and calories, pay if you've forgotten your credit card at home, and can even play music while you exercise.

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