Well, here we are. Pretty deep into 2020 at this point and COVID-19 is still hanging around. In fact, cases are growing every day. So much has happened since the first few cases started presenting that you might've forgotten about it, but trust me: it hasn't forgotten about you. The CDC continues to recommend wearing simple cloth coverings over your face, whether it's a face mask or something you make at home. When push comes to shove, these masks won't keep you from getting the virus, but they can help keep you from spreading the virus if you have it (especially if you have it and don't even know it since symptoms take a while to manifest).

They can also keep you from touching your face and help you keep good social distancing etiquette in the back of your mind. All-in-all face masks are a good thing to use right now, and you might just need to know where to look. We've got a great roundup of all the places selling masks, including fancy and custom masks if you want to be a trendsetter.

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Where to find face masks in stock

The Best

The Rest

Before this pandemic thing became such an issue you might not have been aware of just how many places sell masks. Most retailers keep some in stock for all kinds of different uses. Whether you're shopping online or going into the store, you should be able to find some. Plus, the masks are not nearly as out-of-stock as they used to be during the height of the first wave. However, there are rumors of a second-wave incoming, so we might start seeing the stock get snatched up again.

Best stores to shop for face masks

Chiefs Foco Face Mask

Face masks and gaiter scarves at FOCO

Hey, if you're going to wear a mask, why not wear a mask and represent at the same time? Stand up for your team even when they aren't playing with officially-licensed face masks and gaiter scarves representing NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB organizations. The proceeds are donated to charity and generic designs are also available from $13.

Shop at FOCO
Star Wars Face Masks White

Cloth face masks at ShopDisney

Get a four-pack of cloth masks featuring characters from Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Star Wars, the Marvel universe, and more. All profits from U.S. sales will be donated to MedShare, up to $1 million, and Disney is even donating one million cloth masks to vulnerable communities across the U.S. These masks are available for pre-order and won't be shipped until July.

Shop at ShopDisney
Amazon Disposable Masks

All the face masks at Amazon

The first time around, Amazon was not the place to shop for masks. The shipping was so delayed you'd probably still be waiting on the delivery now. Amazon has caught up though, and it's definitely a top destination. You can find a huge variety of masks in all shapes and sizes from both first and third parties.

Shop at Amazon
Target Cloth Masks

Face masks at Target

Target was one of the retailers hit pretty hard for supplies during the first wave. It's a safe bet should fear spark panic-buying again that stocks will run low again. However, these days it's pretty easy to find a large collection of disposable masks and cloth coverings. Buy them individually or in bulk. There are kid and adult sizes.

Shop at Target
Face Masks Bh

Cloth face masks at B&H

The nice thing about cloth masks is they can be simply washed and reused. You don't have to worry about creating unnecessary waste, and you don't have to keep spending money once you have a few to get you through your outings. B&H has a good selection of simple masks on sale for $10 apiece.

Shop at B&H Photo
Disposable Face Masks

Disposable face masks at Newegg

Newegg's third-party marketplace features a ton of sellers with large stock of disposable face masks. Some will ship faster than others, so keep an eye on the dates while checking out. Newegg will even recommend better pricing on some when you're checking out. That's a handy feature.

Shop at Newegg
Disposable Face Masks

Disposable face masks at GearBest

GearBest has disposable face masks in stock and many options to choose from. The retailer has regular flash sales on the masks, too, since they're so popular. This looks like it might one of the best places to shop if pricing-per-mask is important to you, which it could easily be if you go through a lot of disposable masks.

Shop at GearBest
Zappos Face Covering

Cloth face masks + coverings at Zappos

Zappos has a large selection of facial coverings, whether that be face masks, balaclavas, or even scarf combos. Shipping is free on many items. Look out for sales, too, because you can save a few bucks that way.

Shop at Zappos
Cloth Face Mask Los Angeles Apparel

Cloth face masks at Los Angeles Apparel

These 100% cotton face masks come in a 3-pack for $30 and feature various styles to choose between. They're machine washable so you can re-use them safely, and standard shipping is just $5 within the US. If your order is over $70, you'll actually get a free face mask. A great extra little incentive if masks are your goal in the first place.

Shop at Los Angeles Apparel
Daily Steals Mask

Face masks at DailySteals

The DailySteals selection includes both disposable masks and cloth coverings. Either way, you can choose bulk amounts or buy individually. There are all kinds of styles, too, from basic coverings to versions sporting your favorite teams.

Shop at DailySteals

How to find face masks in stock

There was a point where we weren't even sure we were supposed to wear masks because they were so hard to find no one wanted to recommend them. That was a mess. Things aren't nearly so difficult anymore. All the major retailers have masks of one sort or another. You might struggle to find the ones you want in stock online, but you can always check local stores as well. Of course, you might need to fashion a temporary mask to go buy the regular masks if you don't have any masks. That depends entirely on wear you live, though.

If your local retailers don't have any in stock or don't have quite what you are looking for, plenty of fashion companies have gotten into the cloth mask business. Masks have seen a bit of an economic boom recently, you know? So everyone wants a piece. Plus this is just a generally great way to get a mask since you can buy one that follows your passion for sports or Star Wars or whatever floats your boat. Companies like this aren't going to have the speediest of shipping times compared to an Amazon or a Target, but coronavirus isn't going anywhere so you can expect to still get plenty of use out of the masks when they arrive.

Where to find affordable face masks

The real question is what do you consider the most affordable? Disposable masks are definitely less expensive than cloth masks, especially because you can buy them in large packs with 50 or more if you want like the ones you'll find at GearBest. However, these masks are meant to be thrown away after each use. If you are an essential worker or you're living some place where offices are back open and going to work every day, you might end up going through several disposable masks a day. That's even more true if you're buying masks for the whole family. In the long run, disposable masks that start out as the most affordable option could be costing you more.

Target has cloth masks that are super inexpensive with 2-packs for just $4, and these are masks that will fit both kids and adults. Cloth masks can be reused after a simple wash. Just throw them in the laundry. That's $4 for masks that could last you months. You could also get a bandana at DailySteals, REI, or some other retailer. These are relatively inexpensive, reusable, and easy to clean as well.

On the CDC's page recommending that people continue to wear cloth masks, there's also a video that teaches you how to make your own mask at home. Go over it step-by-step using materials you probably already have and you can save even more money this way.

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