Ever since the Pixel 3 XL leaks started to surface earlier this year, there's been an unavoidable narrative surrounding them that's caused a lot of folks to get stirred up. While the leaks we've been seeing are more than likely the real deal and the phone Google's going to announce on October 9, some people believe that these have been faked by Google and that we'll actually see a phone other than the 3 XL announced at the fall hardware event.

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There are a lot of people taking a stance on both sides of this argument. Many expect the Pixel 3 XL to be the flagship we're getting for 2018, but at the same time, others are convinced this is meant to dupe us and that we'll actually get some sort of Ultra Pixel instead.

Here's what members of the AC forums have to say.

Mike Dee

Not buying it and not a smart decision at all if it were true.


Hmm, I guess you never know! I do agree with you that it would be quite difficult to keep a phone (especially a flagship from Google) under wraps for so long - especially so close to its release - so there is that. But hey, if anyone could pull off that kind of secret-phone-business thing, it's Google!


While the theory does seem implausible, the things I can't reconcile are Google wanting negative reviews from YouTubers, and the "stolen" shipment of Pixel 3XLs. On the first part, what possible reason would you have to want negative reviews for a promo regarding a product you're debuting. That makes zero sense to me. Unless it's internal and they're going to make the design team watch it on a...


I honestly think Google reckon they're just like Apple and that they can produce a device that everyone hates the look of at first but will grow to love and think the opposite shortly after. They have that same arrogance but they'll never pull it off like Apple do.. I'm secretly hoping they've bluffed everyone and have a notch less phone waiting in the wings but let's be honest.... It's Google


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