Google Pixel 3a XL vs. Pixel 3 XL: Which should you buy?Source: Android Central

Despite all of the criticism and controversy they're often met with, Google's Pixel phones regularly stand out as some of the most interesting Android handsets on the market. They're never perfect, but the combination of excellent software and unmatched cameras is one that's hard to argue with.

Verizon is offering the Pixel 4a for just $10/mo on new Unlimited lines

Recently, a member of our AC forums asked for what phone they should upgrade to. They currently have a Galaxy S7 and are eyeing the Pixel 3. Here's how some of our other members responded.

B. Diddy

The 3 XL can be found for a pretty good price these days -- it's $430 on Amazon: For me, a major benefit of the 3 XL over the 3a XL is the unlimited Original Quality photo backups to Google Photos until Jan 2021. ...


Having the Pixel 3a, with my usage the battery life is okay but not phenomenal. I'm coming from a KEY2 with a 4.5 inch 1080 LCD screen which sips battery compared to this OLED in the 3a. However the battery life of the 3a is considered by most to be substantially better than the 3 and 4 (I'm only talking about small non-XL models)


Main thing be no wireless charging, water resistant and the better chip , but when I had the pixel 3a didn't notice any performance issues.


This got us to wondering — What's your favorite Pixel phone?

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