What's your favorite Pixel 3 feature?

As you've probably seen from both Andrew and Daniel's reviews, we're pretty smitten with the Google Pixel 3. Although it may not be the prettiest phone released this year, it provides a wonderful day-to-day experience thanks to its cameras, display, software, and more.

There are a lot of reasons to love the Pixel 3, but what's the phone's best feature?

Here's what the Android Central forum community has to say!

Google's take on Android, Fast Android platform updates, security updates, that camera.


What I like about my Pixel 2 are the camera, the stock Android OS, and getting updates on a regular basis.

Dean Liensdorf

The small size of my 3 !!! & my first Google phone ever. Loving it!


#1 : Stock Android #2 : The Camera


#1 for me with my Pixel 3 XL would have to be the Screen! This would be my choice since my 2 XL was great except for its screen quality. Every day when I use my Pixel 3 XL I look at that fabulous screen and smile!


What about you? What's your favorite Pixel 3 feature?

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