What's your favorite messaging app in 2021?

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There are a lot of ongoing debates we regularly see in the AC forums, with one of the most prominent being the conversation around the best Android messaging apps. There are countless messaging/texting apps to choose from in 2021, meaning that if you're on the hunt for something new, deciding what platform to go with can be rather challenging.

The conversation around messaging apps has once again become a heated topic recently, likely due to the impending policy change that will require WhatsApp users to share their data with Facebook.

A few of our AC forum members recently began sharing their hot takes around their preferred messaging apps, saying:

I like signal

Al Red Hornbeam

I like the samsung app or Google messages. I use lnik to windows to text from my desktop and laptop. Don't really use a tablet so can't help there. I know Google meesages also has an option to text from a pc.


I've been using Pulse SMS for years. As of last year though, the original Dev joined forces with MapleMedia. The app used to cost $10.99 for a lifetime license, now they want $36.99! You can still use try/use it for free with minimal ads. They also have monthly plans. They have desktop apps, (Samsung) watch app, web login. I use it everywhere (on a Mac, 2 phones, tablets). ...


Verizon message is my go to if not using the stock Samsung one(prefer the way it looks with themes). Verizon messages amazed me being able to text with my number from my PC and tablet, even let me make and receive calls on my tablet. The read receipts, text back up, and syncing messages between devices were all nice features too. This was back in 2015 when it became available.


Now, we want to hear from you — What's your favorite messaging app in 2021?

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