What's your favorite keyboard app?

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We all know that user customization is one of Android's highlights, and one of the areas where this is seen is with the ability to download third-party keyboard apps. This is something that Apple eventually added to iOS in 2014, but even today in early 2018, third-party keyboards are still the best in camp Android.

The Google Play Store is filled with different options to choose from, and while there is some garbage here and there, there are also a lot of excellent ones available. Our forum users recently shared their thoughts on which keyboard app they like the best, and these are a few of the top answers.

Gboard, swiftkey, go keyboards are the ones I recommend. Fleksy is alright, touch responsiveness is meh at times


BlackBerry keyboard made a huge difference for me. Love it comparing to stock.


I'm currently using the stock keyboard, but have had good luck with Touchpal's Leather keyboard. Only issue with them is they have some ads. I haven't really messed around much with keyboards, but may try a few other ones out. I'm very picky with how they look I like the stock keyboard because it will show my theme behind it - currently have a leather theme that shows on my backgrounds -...


Gboard by a long ways, distant second choice would probably be SwiftKey, but it's been going downhill over the last 3 years and Gboard is widening the gap.


I've been using Fleksy for the last couple years and I love it. It has swipe gestures for deleting the last word and for swapping between autocorrect suggestions, and I've gotten extremely accustomed to it and when I use a keyboard without it I feel frustrated. The autocorrect works well and the keyboard is fast and customizable. Try it out :)


How about you – What's your favorite keyboard app?

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