What's your favorite app for offline music listening?

As great as music streaming apps can be, constantly streaming your favorite songs without being connected to Wi-Fi can quickly eat up your monthly data allotment if you aren't subscribed to an unlimited plan. Plus, even if you do have unlimited data to burn through each month, accessing your library of songs can be impossible if you run into an area with poor cell coverage.

Thankfully, there are plenty of apps around that allow you to save your songs for offline use so you can listen to them without the need for Wi-Fi or mobile data. One of our forum users recently asked our community what their favorite apps were for listening to music offline, and these are a few of the responses.

Spotify let's you make your own Playlists and then download them for offline listening.


I use Samsung Music. I have a 256GB microSD card that I copied my entire music collection on to.


Download Power Amp and pay for premium. It's a solid music player that's stood the test of time. I believe it will find downloaded Google Music songs and play them as well. I can't confirm since I havent used it in a while.


YouTube Music is also a nice app for offline music and you can even have the option to have the actual music videos available offline as well.


How about you – What's your favorite app for offline music listening?

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