What's new on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu in August 2019

Summer, thankfully, is finally starting to wind down. Unless it's still ridiculously hot where you are. In which case, stay inside a bit longer. Pop on some tunes or perhaps a show or two. We can help with the latter — and there's tons of great stuff headed your way in August from your favorite streaming services.

Consider the following:

  • On Hulu, we've got an incredible documentary on popular 1990s comic/magician "The Amazing Jonathan." He's one of those dual threats that you certainly won't forget if you've ever seen him — though there's a good chance you never knew the full story. (And quite possibly we still don't.)
  • Netflix in August is full of the funny, with new seasons of Workin' Moms, Derry Girls, Dear White People, GLOW and so many more. If you don't end August laughing, you weren't trying.
  • The standout piece for Amazon Prime Video in August is Free Meek, even more important now that rapper Meek Mill has been granted a new trial. You don't want to miss this one.

That doesn't even begin to scratch the surface, of course. There's so much more, from original shows you can't get anywhere else, to old favorites that you'll learn to love all over again. Hit up the links below for the full rundown at CordCutters.com.

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Phil Nickinson