What's new on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu this February

February is nearly upon us, and that means we've got the lowdown on the latest to come from the big-three streaming services — Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu.

Amazon Prime Video is bringing us (among many other things) White Dragon, an original series that follows a London professor who's trying to decipher the clues of his wife's death. The problem is that the answers might even be worse.

Netflix brings Kevin Hart's Black History a (believe it or not) a kid-friendly look at some of the lesser-known figures in African-American history.

And on Hulu, look forward to Into The Dark: Down. Because getting trapped in an elevator over the Valentine's Day weekend can turn downright horrific.

What's new on Amazon Prime Video

What's new on Netflix

What's new on Hulu

And if sports is more your thing, be sure to check out what's new every week on ESPN+, which for $4.99 a month may well be the best subscription yet. (And check out the free trial

Phil Nickinson