Moto G 2015

I've spent the last hour or so seeing what Moto Maker will allow in the custom engraving box when you order a new Moto G. As you would expect, there's some censorship there, and that's probably a good thing. What's not such a good thing is how incomplete it all is.

Previously, you were limited as far as what Motorola would print on the back of your Moto X. No 4-letter words. Nothing offensive. No mucking about with trademarked names and brands. All common sense stuff. That's changed slightly, for the good and the not-so-good.

Things have changed a little now that Moto Maker is available for the Moto G. You can fill the 14 letter slot for engraving with almost anything you can think of. Swear words, at least in English (I was able to sneak plenty of German vulgarities through) are still forbidden. Words that denigrate people, like racial slurs, are banned. The word Android is allowed, but you can't add any letters or numbers before or after it. That's likely a Google trademark thing Android vendors and developers have to agree with, though. In short, you can't curse or have anything offensive printed on the back of your Moto G.

But there is a problem. Because a computer decides what's vulgar or offensive, and someone had to sit and program all those words and phrases in there, plenty of stuff can make it through. And some things are banned that maybe shouldn't be.

SexBomb Moto Maker

Here's an example. The word "sex" is banned. You can engrave "sexy" or "SexBomb" but the actual word sex is banned. Meanwhile, "Hitler", "Nazi", "Murder" and "Genocide" are all fine things to have printed right on the back of your phone. Maybe it's just me, but I think Hitler hurt more people than sex ever did. That's a problem with censorship — you're having someone else decide what is and isn't acceptable to you. It's also a problem better left for discussion elsewhere, so I'll leave it at that.

One thing is certain here — Motorola needs to look through the list of acceptable and unacceptable words and phrases a little more. I'll leave you with this, because I'm done now.

Moto Maker Rape engraving