Android Auto

With Android Auto, Google was able to safely bring your favorite Android experiences into the car, but it came with a number of sacrifices. From weird compatibility issues to limited voice navigation while driving, using Android Auto can be equally as frustrating as it is awesome. Google has done a great job of bringing Android's core interface tenets to the dash, but there are some areas that could be changed.

So here's the big question: Is there anything that annoys you daily, or something that you wish the system would do a bit better?

Here's our list:

  • Get rid of the touch limits
  • Allow some customization of the "home screen", with the ability to add widgets
  • Fix weird compatibility issues that prevent some phones from working
  • More navigation options, like Waze, for those who don't rely only on Google Maps
  • More third-party head unit options
  • Ability to connect wirelessly
  • Multi-window view, so you can have maps and a music player or app of choice open at the same time

Since its release, Android Auto has not changed very much, but Google could do some innovative things here to take it to the next level. We've seen more app developers take advantage of the platform and make their apps compatible with it, and hopefully that continues. What are some of the things that you wish you could change about Android Auto? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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