What weather app are you using in late 2018?

There are a few essential applications that most people use every day, one of those being a reliable weather app.

A quick search on the Play Store will show tons of results for apps that can tell you the current temperature, upcoming forecasts, and a ton more, and with all of these apps serving the same general purpose, finding the one that's just right for you can sometimes be a little difficult.

As such, we decided to head into the Android Central forums to see what our community members are using here in late 2018.

Weather by Macropinch has worked wonderfully for me.


Currently using Today Weather. I rotate though. Weather Underground and 1Weather are also great. Also, they all have fantastic widget selections.


I like Yahoo for general weather info and 1Weather for widgets.


I like Dark Sky. You have to pay an annual subscription fee, but it's worth it. Extremely accurate hyperlocal forecasts.

B. Diddy

What about you? What weather app are you currently using?

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Joe Maring

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