What watch face are you using on your Galaxy Watch?

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review 3
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review 3 (Image credit: Android Central)

When it comes to smartwatches that work with Android, two of your best options right now come in the form of the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active. Both watches run Samsung's Tizen operating system and are chock-full with just about every feature you could ask for.

App and watch face support for Tizen has continued to grow over the years, and when a new Galaxy Watch user asked what watch face apps the AC forums recommended, this is what some of our users had to say.

Hi Peter, there's no telling what you like. "The best" is different for everyone. Finding the perfect watch face is part of the fun of having a smart watch, I'd say. There are many posts on this forum from people showing their most liked watch faces, so I'd start with reading those to get a feel. The Galaxy Wearable app is a good start as well, since it will suggest the most popular faces on the...


I use Watchmaker, no real reason other than it was the first I looked at, seems ok and lots of watch faces so I just paid for the premium, not tried any of the others so cannot comment. Keep an eye on youtube as there are some watch face makers putting them on for free for a limited time, some nice ones too, just do a search.


Now, we'd love to hear from you. What watch face are you using on your Galaxy Watch?

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