What smartphone feature do you think is the most important?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs. Galaxy Note 10+
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs. Galaxy Note 10+ (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

There are so many factors to consider when buying a smartphone, including things like the display, processor, storage, cameras, battery life, and so on.

Every component that goes into your phone is important, but depending on the user, some may be more critical than others. For example, while you may store a lot of movies and games and need tons of internal storage, my main concern may be having a long-lasting battery.

One of our AC forum members recently asked the community about which features are most important to them when buying a new phone, and this is how that conversation went.

Battery, camera and Storage.

Kizzy Catwoman

The quality/reliability. The price. The storage. Battery life (they all last long enough for me in a day). The camera (all the mid tier and up camera's are good enough for me).

J Dubbs

Wow, great post, and difficult to answer. Storage size has never been an issue for me, so I rarely think about that when buying a new phone. Camera has become more important to me ever since I had my Google Pixel 2. Battery life is important as well, but as long as the battery is higher in mAH than my last phone, I'm usually pretty happy.


None of those are most important to me, the display probably is. If I must pick one of those it will be the camera even though I don't use my phones camera much. All 3 are important but 64Gb is enough storage for me, still have nearly 20Gb free on my 64Gb Note 8 after 2 1/2 years and don't have an SD Card in it. Battery life I get all day battey life from my Note 8 as I did previous...


Now, we want to hear from you — What smartphone feature do you think is the most important?

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  • Screen size, more specifically screen width. I read a lot on my phone, and have been buying the hugest phone available for a few cycles. Sadly those no longer exists (Huawei Mediapad X, Xiaomi Mi Max) and new phones a bit smaller and with their elongated formats, a lot narrower ie bad for reading, for gaming, for maps, to watch movies... bad for everything except chatting really, which I don't do a lot.
    Aside from that, battery life. This degrades over time and with the slow pace of progress is the limiting factor in how long I can keep a phone. Mi current Mi Max 3 barely lasts a day.
    My last complaint is screen glare. I buy low/midrange phones, their screens are mirrors !
  • Double tap to wake and great battery life. I hate having to deal with a power button and who doesnt appreciate a long lasting battery.
  • Camera, but Google needs to stop thinking that "camera" exclusively means "photos". It's maddening to sell people a phone that can take pin-sharp pictures of Andromeda but can't film a toddler on a tricycle without triggering a migraine
  • Display! I stopped buying devices with FHD screens in 2013. Once the Galaxy Note 4 launched with a QHD screen, it's been QHD for me ever since. My current day to day phone is my Note9. I've skipped a lot of potentially great devices because they excluded a QHD screen. I remember when OnePlus first came out with their device, and we had to get an invite to purchase their phones. After my first OnePlus one, I didn't purchase another device from OnePlus, until last year when I bought the OnePlus 7Pro. Guess why? The lack of a QHD screen! It's the same reason I'm skipping the ROG phone 3 and Zenfone 7 pro.
  • Battery, screen size, processor, display. Of course, there are minimums for each, but if I were going to pay a premium for "above and beyond", those categories in that order would be my choices.
  • Truthfully this item has varied for me depending on the phone. I think about which pain caused me to update. Last time it was storage as 32 GB was too small. Before that it was performance and battery life. Now it would be battery life living with the Pixel 3. Everything else is still too performing.
  • Being able to make a phone call. Yeah, I'm old school like that. And battery life. I do miss being able to swap out my own battery like we used to be able to do. But seriously, a phone call. My Galaxy S7 Edge has a crappy antenna in it (whereas my wife's Galaxy S7 Edge has a great antenna in it) so my cell reception is spotty in areas where it shouldn't be.
  • Price (I don't consider anything >$500). Good enough processor/speed and a camera thats not horrible.
    Other features that are mostly standard but I can't live without: decent battery life+fast charging, dual sim, SD slot, NFC.
    Features I prefer but are going extinct: fingerprint, 3.5mm jack.