Sony skipped out on E3 2019 for the first time in the show's nearly 25-year history. Regardless of whether you think E3 is becoming irrelevant as it seems to be more and more reviled online each year, Sony's absence certainly left its mark. The show felt empty as a result, and I'm hoping to see big things from PlayStation at Gamescom 2019 to make up for it.

A few of our writers are looking forward to hearing more about Iron Man VR. The company has been radio silent since its debut, and it looks to be a title that has a ton of potential. Anything like a release window or even information about its relation — or lack thereof — to the Spider-Man and Avengers games would be welcome.

Showcasing a playable demo for the MediEvil remake would be nice to see too. Remakes have found themselves in the public eye as of late (Resident Evil 2, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro) and fans always want to see how well it holds up to the original. That's not even to mention a heavy-hitter like Death Stranding. Though Kojima Productions has released gameplay demos to the public, none have been playable so far. With Death Stranding set to release in a few short months on November 8, it'll be a good way to give players a taste of what to expect.

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Even though it was just recently announced, I'd also like to hear information about Sony and Microsoft's cloud gaming partnership. That partnership has huge implications for each company going forward, and it could shape the services we'll see on the PlayStation 5. When it comes to streaming, PlayStation is just at the back of the pack. Leveraging what Microsoft is doing with Project xCloud feeds into Sony's vision of "a massively enhanced PlayStation community where enriched and shared PlayStation experiences can be seamlessly enjoyed independent of time and place – with or without a console."

I'd like Sony to make a program that rivals Xbox Game Pass.

This next one is wishful thinking, but I'd like Sony to make a program that rivals Xbox Game Pass, too. Xbox Game Pass provides such a significant value for what you're paying. You get to download hundreds of games in a catalogue that's constantly being expanded for a monthly price of $10/month. Bundled with Xbox Live Gold, that jumps to $15/month. And Microsoft offers its latest and greatest Xbox Game Studios games day one in the program, the same day they release at retail worldwide. You can't beat that. Sony needs to offer something similar. Imagine playing Death Stranding the day it comes out without needing to spend $60 on it.

And I think what most of us want to see, including several of our writers: The Last of Us Part II. Rumor has it that it is allegedly supposed to release next February. Whether that rumor pans out remains to be seen as anything can change or delay that date since it hasn't been publically announced. But if it holds true, Naughty Dog needs to start pushing a marketing campaign leading up to its launch. Since a PSX for this year hasn't been announced, Gamescom 2019 looks like the perfect place for The Last of Us Part II to make an appearance.

But what about new IP? Well, with the end of the console generation growing near, I'm not expecting much on that front. Barring smaller indie titles, if it hasn't already been announced then Sony is likely waiting until next year when it can show off games running on the PlayStation 5.

And I can't forget to mention the mysterious PlayStation 5 itself. I don't anticipate that Sony will reveal the console's design or price at Gamescom — that will probably be saved for next year — but I do want them to provide more information about features and specs that we already know. Microsoft wasn't shy about Project Scarlett at E3. Follow in its footsteps.

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