What do you think about this Android Auto redesign concept?

From controlling your music to following turn-by-turn navigation, Android Auto does a good job at helping you perform various tasks in a safe fashion while on the road. Android Auto received an update back in November to improve the UI for browsing and controlling media playback, but a new concept imagines what an even deeper Android Auto redesign could look like.

The biggest change in this mockup is the home screen. The upgraded App Bar shows icons for specific apps rather than generic options for phone calls, music, and navigation. If you wanted to change what apps were shown here, all you'd have to do is hold down on one and tap the app in that category you want to switch to (for example, hold down on Google Maps to change it to Waze).

Android Auto's home screen currently shows things like notifications, the weather, and recommended directions, but this concept has it using Android Pie's App Slices to show upcoming calendar appointments, suggested Spotify songs to listen to, and more in a more compact, information-dense layout.

Other changes include a less obtrusive Google Assistant UI, phone calls and notifications being shown on the left page next to the home screen as to not block what you're currently doing, and easier music controls.

Although this is just a concept from a regular Android Auto user, it's still an exciting look at what the platform could look like with a few simple changes.

What's your take on it? Do you dig this redesign? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Being that the current UI is ugly, this is a HUGE improvement
  • Absolutely agree. It's a terrible ui currently and it always auto launches Pandora. I can't get it to stop I've tried everything.
  • Hey there, I'm actually the designer of this over on reddit. I can provide proof if you'd like. Any way we can get a cite? I appreciate the exposure, but if anyone wants to chat about it and give feedback I'm gonna miss it if it's on here. Thanks!
  • Love it. Keep up the good work.
  • Where at on Reddit? I can't find that thread
  • Hey, it's over on r/android. Turns out I'm blind and they did cite the post in the first paragraph.
  • Replying to myself. Didn't see the cite on the post. Scratch this! Thanks for the post and the cite!
  • So, this isn't an actual thing then? Its just you throwing out an idea and hoping google grabs it up? Gotcha... Had my hopes up there...
  • The new look would be a huge improvement. I love the concept.
  • I'm all for visual tweaks, not so sure about compacting text or adding apps at will. the point of Auto is enabling use of phone with minimal distraction. If you want to add apps that potentially _increase_ distraction, pull over and turn off Auto
  • I agree. Visually it looks really nice, but when I'm reading 2 lines of smaller text under each slice header I think we've missed the point.
  • I don't have one in my truck.... 46 studebaker M5 nor would I want it.. But my husband has one in his car and loves it... I always thought that
    Ui was sort of trash but it looks like with this update it will get better
  • This will definitely increase AA popularity since the current UI isn't looking the best at least compared to CarPlay. While you're at it ensure widescreen support is done as well because most vehicles moving into next year will have wide screens so make sure AA is keeping up!
  • Considering the current ui isn't on par with CarPlay this looks really great and will increase AA popularity or adoption. Also please include widescreen support since most vehicles are switching to wider screens. It's so bad that AA doesn't support widesreens!
  • 2nd for widescreen support!
  • They need proper dual SIM support on AA.
  • How about spending development time on what counts? The lack of widescreen support is a deal-breaker for me. Seeing as iPhone/CarPlay works with my widescreen infotainment system, my next phone will be an iPhone if Android doesn't turn it around.
  • Are you trolling? This is a mockup by a non-Google employee. Google isn't reading this and folks don't care if you buy an iPhone. I have both .. Carplay ain't all that.
  • I like it, it looks a lot like CarPlay. Now if they would just sell a device to connect to my car so I can have wireless already!
  • I agree with the comments about keeping the interface simple to minimize distractions. The change I'd really like to see is to have the actual outside temperature displayed in the top status bar similar to how the time and mobile connection icon are currently displayed. That would keep that info displayed regardless of which screen you're on.
  • I was so happy to lose this design switching from iPhone to pixel 3 and now Android will copy it? Sad day. I like the interface now, a lot. Pls keep it.
  • This is a user concept
  • I want widescreen support and the ability to see my text messages. When I click on the message, it can be read aloud. I hate the message comes and goes away without an ability to access it. I still have to pick up my phone. Plus, I'm having a large number of crashes and failures with my 2018 Nissan Murano. I have not used Android Auto in months because I was sick of the crashes. Nissan blames Google and Google blames Nissan, so I don't use it at all. I'm thinking of going to an iPhone later this year. No one wants to fix anything.
  • This looks cool, and I'd love to have it on my headunit instead of what's currently there... BUT considering it appears its just something some guy designed up and not something ACTUALLY being implemented or even considered by Google... I'm not getting my hopes up... I'd LOVE to see something that had everything more organized... Weather stuff pops up on the one corner, phone calls pop up in a different corner, texts in the 3rd corner, and music/app in the 4th corner... and allow the user to arrange them as they want... and have actual notification badges next to the phone icon or text icon or whatever icon for that matter... indicating that HEY! YOU GOTTA NOTIFICATION/MESSAGE! that way, you don't have 30 tiles stacking up if you get bombarded with texts from your neighbor or wife or what have you. . . An ACTUAL interface and not just a 'dumb screen'...
  • Crowd sourcing makes everything better. This is another perfect example.
  • Looks FAR better than last years and even the November update. Still has room for improvement. When listening to music the artwork is twice the size of the display, the control bar covers half of that and is not transparent. Not near as usable as Factory radios two or three years ago.
  • I like the new look. But if you're going to replace categories with specific apps in the app bar, then I need the ability to customize the layout of the screen. Kind of like how Apple Carplay lets you arrange Carplay icons.
  • The current Android Auto UI is alright but I do like the redesign concept a lot. Hopefully Google decides to go with it and push the update.
  • I'd honestly like to see about 6 large icons on the home screen (2 rows of three) and fix the button to go back to the stock stereo interface (actually go back instead of making you push a button on the next screen). The key here should be "ease of use" not a place to read text messages and calendar events. Maybe even default to a specific music app (upon opening Android auto) or whatever the driver uses most. Most people get in their car, turn on the radio and go. Android auto should be that easy too. My Sync system (on the stock interface) gets this kind of right, with most used items available on one screen (not that I use it for anything other than controlling vehicle functions, because android auto is way better) I just like the start screen layout better.
  • How about making Android Auto work CONSISTENTLY? Most of the time, it will either not start up or drops out halfway into the commute. Car manufacturers and Google/Apple need to start making infosystems that have LTE baked in without the need to attach your phone.
  • Came here to say just that. Developers of Android auto STILL can't get the app to stop showing travel time cards to home and work at the same time. Now the app has started showing me travel time to my local mall or m to my local shopping center. I don't need that information. There should be a working app before a redesign.
  • Anything would be an improvement over the current design. I like the way this new design looks. Hopefully it works as good as it looks.
  • What they need to add is weather/radar. Even my crappy Toyota entune had that.
  • Not Apple enough.
  • you want to be it more dumb? Cannot imagine that :)
  • looks great. my #1 question is: will this enable the touch screen??? it is absolutely the worst ui ever relying completed on a physical dial that i have to constantly spin around when i could simply touch the screen and be done. also, the weather thing keeps telling me the weather in weird places on the opposite side of the planet. yet google maps quickly routes me correctly and shows me where i really am. how do they break stuff like this?
  • google is led by complete iDiots... they found it after those years???? Anyway Androdi Auto is incredibly limited, almost useles. I use tablet instead of that imbecile AA :)
  • Can someone give an update on wireless android auto? It's seems even though phones are getting andoid pie, pixels are still the only ones that support it.