What devices can play Amazon Music?

Amazon Music is as ubiquitous as just about any other music service out there. Tens of millions of songs. Available on nearly any device you can think of. In your car. On your phone. On a TV. On your computer.

Here's the breakdown of all the devices you can use with Amazon Music, and where to find their respective applications:

  • iPhone and iPad: Hit up this link in iTunes (opens in new tab).
  • Android: You'll find it on Google Play (opens in new tab), and on the Amazon Appstore (opens in new tab).
  • Mac and PC desktop app: Download it here (opens in new tab). Works with Mac OS 10.9 and up, and Windows 7 and up.
  • Amazon Echo: If you've got an Amazon Echo and are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you're good to go. Just tell Alexa to play some music!
  • On the web: Get to your nearest internet browser and head here (opens in new tab).
  • In your car: If you've got Android Auto or Apple's CarPlay, you're covered. Amazon Music works on both. And a number of car manufacturers let Amazon Music work directly with their stock infotainment systems.
  • Amazon Fire TV: Amazon's TV operating system also has access to Amazon Music. Have at it!
  • Amazon Fire Tablets: You'll find Amazon Prime Music preloaded on Amazon's Fire tablets.
  • Elsewhere: A few other places you can play Amazon Music include Roku, Sonos, Polk Omni, Bose, HEOS, Definitive Technology, and PlayFi.

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Phil Nickinson
  • You can Bluetooth it to your Google home, but home will not play it regular, like Pandora or play music.
  • Lack of Google Cast support makes it useless half the time for me... I'll stick with Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, iHeart radio and all the others that actually support Casting.
  • Spotify plays everywhere including my Samsung Gear S3 watch, when I leave my GS8 behind. Spotify also plays on my old Lumia 950, which I sometimes use as a dedicated music player. Amazon does not work in either scenario. Spotify does suck on Roku.
  • I really want to try a different music service, but I can't sacrifice YouTube Red, which is included with Play Music. It really is one of the best deals in music streaming.