Android Q Beta 1 officially launched on March 13, and as far as Android betas go, it's fairly stable. However, "fairly stable" doesn't mean it's free of any bugs.

In fact, if you go looking around just a little bit, you'll find quite a few issues here and there that are expected of early software like this.

Here are some of the biggest ones our AC forum users have found so far.

Mike Dee

Tips and Support in Settings crashes Firefox crashes Chase Banking App crashes


Double tap to check phone and Pick up to check phone is not working for me.


I couldn't get the Samsung Internet Browser to work on beta so I uninstalled for now. It worked but crashed a lot and I couldn't log into samsung to sync my bookmarks.


Well, I updated yesterday afternoon to Q beta and everything seemed to be really good. Very smooth, nice new features and generally snappier than Pie. Today I wake up and it's a little buggy. I love the live wallpapers and have been utilizing the "marble earth" mostly. Starting this morning, the wallpaper app crashes frequently on a live wallpaper but doesn't seem to do it on a static one....


What about you? What Android Q bugs have you discovered?

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