For as long as I can remember, I've tossed and turned in my sleep. Sharing a bed with my sisters on vacation always ended in some kind of a fight, sleeping at home meant picking my blankets and/or pillows up off the floor, and a good night's sleep was a roll of the dice. In high school, I found that when I piled on the blankets, it was easier to get a good night's sleep as long as I didn't overheat and wake up. And so, for the last decade, I slept under four blankets, two quilts, and a puffy comforter.

Then I found weighted blankets, and finally, a good night's every night is mine. And it can be yours, too!

An all-night hug

YnM Weighted Blanket (Queen 15 lbs)

You owe yourself a good night's sleep.

Ditch the comforters and the dusty duvets for a blanket that can give you a good night's sleep and end the tossing, turning and kciking that's alienated your partner or kicked you out of your own bed. The glass beads in here are small but won't fall out, and the corner ties keep it from sliding around inside a cute cover.

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There's a lot of science and pseudoscience out there about weighted blankets involving "deep touch" and serotonin vs cortisol and other benefits, but darn it, Jim, I'm a tech blogger, not a doctor! So, instead, here's my experience and why I think these blankets are more that worth their weight:

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  • This one blanket replaced a comforter, two heavy quilted bedspreads, and two throw blankets on my own bed. I now have to wash a third of the bedding I used to, and because I'm not overheating and drenched in sweat every night, I don't have to wash all of my quilts quite as often as I used to, either.
  • Sleeping in hotels was always an exercise in aggravation since I couldn't bring enough blankets with me to feel comfortable. While a weighted blanket will essentially require its own dedicated bag or at least a dedicated compartment in a larger suitcase, I wouldn't even consider traveling without mine now because it enables me to get restful sleep in a hotel room without drugging myself.
  • Because I have a cooling Bamboo cover, I sleep cooler and better with a weighted blanket than I ever have before, allowing me to keep my apartment as more reasonable temperatures at night and allowing me to keep my electric bill from being quite as astronomical.

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Weighted lap blankets and shoulder wraps are also things that exist that are supposed to help you focus while you're working, but I just fold my weighted blanket in half and snuggle under it with my trusty Chromebook in my lap. It feels fantastic and everyone should experience it one in their lives.

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