moto 360

Is $250 the right price, if it is the right price?

Much speculation has been spent on the price of the coming-soon-we-hope Moto 360. An appearance on Best Buy's website over the weekend has lain much of it to the side, as the listed price is given at $250. We want to caution everyone that things which show up early on aren't always final, and point you to the Droid Bionic as a perfect example. Having said that, the $250 price doesn't seem unreasonable. I think it's probably right.

So here we are. We have a price that may be correct, and it's not too high or too low to be impossible. If the $250 price sticks and that's the retail for the Moto 360, are you buying one?

We've got a poll down below (or on the homepage in the right sidebar) and we want to know your answer. The poll is to the point, with only a yes or no option so we can gather the data without any analyzing needed later in the week. Feel free to use the comments to let us know that you wouldn't buy one at any price, never want one, or would pay even more for Motorola's Android Wear device. Your comments will be used for some analyzation at the end of the week.

My vote is no. Surprised? I'm saying no because I wouldn't buy any Android Wear device right now. I have a feeling we'll see plenty of options before the 2014 holiday shopping season is over. I like options.

Now vote, and tell everyone why you voted the way you did!