Choices, choices, choices. Gallery apps give us plenty of choices.

Some manufacturers take extra care in making their galleries easy on the eyes and easy on your phone — like the Motorola Gallery, just updated this week. Other device-makers leave the gallery app off altogether, instead leaving you Photos or to the mercy of third-party apps. And then there are those scores and scores of third-party galleries — like QuickPic, F-Stop, and My Roll — that put the stock Android Gallery app to shame.

Which one do you use?

If you need a primer, here is our comparison of Gallery and Photos.

Are you content with the gallery app your manufacturer provides, or have you gone over to Google+ Photos with its easy syncing and free storage? Do you swear by QuickPic, or do you prefer the meatier controls in F-Stop? What do you look for in your gallery app? As we continue our series on photography in Android, we want to know what you're using and why you use it.

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