Google Hangouts

A look through Google Play will quickly tell you that there literally hundreds and hundreds of different messaging apps and platforms to use on your Android. Each has their pros and cons, but a handful garner all the attention — and most of the users.

We all have a favorite way to chat with our friends and family (we'll discuss business usage another time), and chances are we all use more than one app to do it. I know I do — Hangouts and Google Messenger (I like to keep my SMS out of Hangouts) get plenty of use here. It's pretty easy for me because everyone I know is using Android or iOS, so Hangouts works really well. I will admit that I've never explored the cross-platform alternatives very much, though.

What about you guys and gals? The poll is below (and always available in the forums' sidebar), and this time it's multiple choice. Let everyone know how you do what you do!

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