Galaxy S5

Among the numerous changes to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge announced at Mobile World Congress Barcelona this week, many attentive Android fans noted that the microSD slot was removed.

While Samsung touted the improvements to the overall build and promised versions with internal storage up to 128GB, many of us are still crying foul over the loss of removable storage.

But is it really that much of a loss?

The base Galaxy S6 is being shipped with 32GB of onboard storage. Cloud storage is also easy to come by — in fact most flagship phones come with cloud storage for two years — and getting easier and easier to use. Samsung has done away with the microSD slot and is instead offering users 115GB of OneDrive storage for two years on top of up to 128GB of internal storage. But is a 128GB phone with 115GB of cloud storage enough to make up to for losing the slot for a microSD card — such as these 200GB cards that were announced mere hours after the Galaxy S6 — which can be corrupted, erroneously ejected, and have lost some of its functionality due to changes in the last few version of the Android operating system and developers not keeping up with the changes?

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