LG Health

Android can help you get and stay healthy if you want it to

These days, it seems like every consumer electronics company is involved in fitness and health. While this is a good thing, it also means that we're inundated with gizmos and gadgets to help us get fit and stay healthy. Of course, the best fitness gadgets are the ones you're going to use all the time, which is why our Androids can be important here. Chances are, your phone, or your watch, is always on you.

Whether it's counting steps, measuring the distance of your daily bike ride, or an easy way to track what you eat and drink, Android has you covered through third-party accessories, applications, and in many cases the devices themselves. I use apps and a Fitbit to track how much water and healthy veggies I eat every day (not nearly enough) and how well I'm sleeping at night. All my information is at my fingertips, right on my Moto X. We expect things to get even better when Google releases Google Fit sometime in the (hopefully) near future.

What about you? Are you using Android to get and stay healthy? Shout out in the poll below, or find it on the front page in the sidebar to the right.