Wake up

Good morning!

I'll admit — I hate getting out of bed. It's warm and provides me protection against closet monsters and other horrible things that happen once you leave your snuggly nest of blankets and pillows. But it's one of those things you have to do, every damn day.

Since I'm not one of those folks who can automagically wake up at the right time every day, I need to set an alarm. I use my Android for that, because I drop it on the charger beside my bed every night anyway. And because it's reliable, and I have the best alarm sound in the world to go with it. I'm a simple fellow with simple needs, so I just use the standard alarm app that comes with whatever phone I'm using at the time. But there are also a slew of great alarm apps in Google Play, too.

Andrew is on a working-vacation-road-trip kind of thing and he brought up the question of just how many people do the same. So we're asking. Tell us, then tell us why in the comments.