Android M

We recently asked everyone if they installed the Android M developer preview. No matter that this is an early build meant for developers to test their stuff, because plenty of people (like you, and you, and me!) will never let a chance to run bleeding-edge beta software that might very well be broken go uninstalled when we have that chance. We are brave. We are tempting fate. But we have Android M — sort of.

Poll results

None of these numbers is surprising. About 33-percent of the people who answered did install the M preview or are planning on doing so, and the number of people who said no and have no plans to install are about the same. Of course, another third or so folks wish they had a Nexus phone or tablet to try it on. Remember that the next time you buy an Android — regardless of what you might hear from the haters (who are gonna hate) trying Android on a Nexus device is something every fan needs to do at least once. I'd recommend it.

The really good stuff (as usual) came from the comments. I'm not putting beta-hardly-tested-at-all software on the phone I use every day to help me do my job. I chickened out and put it on my "spare" phone and tablet. But plenty of folks did install it on the phone they use every day, and most are happy with the result. Some apps crash — as expected — and some general goofiness is there, but for the most part it looks like people are pleased. Even if things aren't final.

We've had another week with it. Are things still going as smoothly? Or did anyone relent and go back to an older version of Android? Holler in the comments.