Galaxy S6 porn

It's obvious — readers at AC (that means you and me) want the Galaxy S6 edge. At least those who answered the poll, anyway.

We asked you last week which Galaxy S 6 — the "proper" GS6 version or the edge — you had your eye and your wallet pointed at. While some were undecided, some are going all-out and getting both, and (obviously) some wanted no parts of either one, the top answer was the Galaxy S6 edge.

I get it. The edge is the one I would be getting if it were time for me to be buying a new phone. Phil picked one up because it feels good while you're holding it. It's got that "cool factor" we haven't seen in a while, and it looks absolutely fabulous. Some say it uses more battery than the proper S6. Some say it will take longer to get updated when that time rolls around. While these things may or may not be true, the look and feel in the hands override all that for about 40-percent of us.

Poll results

About three-quarters of everyone who answered the poll are thinking of picking up the GS 6 in one form or another. That's huge, but it's also about what we expected from the minute we saw the S6 and the edge. There will be issues like we see with every phone, but in general people love what they are seeing, and will probably love it even more once it is in their hands.

We know that polls like this aren't scientific proof of anything. Phil won't allow me to lock people into a room and shock them or do any other sort of cool science stuff. But this is a great way to gauge general trends about what we are interested in. It looks to be a fun year for curvy things here at AC.