Earlier in the week we asked about you, your phone (or tablet) and Lollipop. Specifically, how you got the two together if you could. Every year we see the same scramble to try and get the new version of the operating system on devices that have a build, and custom ROM makers always make things fun. This year is no different.

Of course, most phones aren't quite ready for Lollipop just yet. That's probably a good thing, because Android updates are like customer service at the DMV — you can get it fast, or you can get it right. You can't get both. But phones from Google (or from people who were Google up until a few weeks ago like Motorola) are slated for that update, and it's in the process of pushing out. Slowly. Very slowly.

Poll results

These results should surprise nobody. Most folks don't have a lollipop build ready for their phones. About 13-percent of us have received a Lollipop OTA update. When you dig into the numbers of people who didn't get that OTA, you see the custom ROM peeps and those who couldn't wait and flashed an image.

I caved and flashed the new new update to my Nexus 6. My Nexus 9 is waiting for an OTA, as are my Nexus 5, Nexus 4, and Nexus 7. I'm determined to hold out, and I figure I'll get an update by the time a new update is ready to roll out. Hopefully. I usually flash at first opportunity, but this time I want to wait and see how smoothly the OTA goes.

What about you? If you didn't flash the update or a custom ROM, tell us all why.