Android alarm clock

Earlier in the week we asked how many of us use their Android as their alarm clock. Over 9000 people answered, and just about everyone said "Yes."

We expected these results. You have this little computer — maybe a phone, maybe a tablet — that you always have around you and it does so many really great things. It only makes sense that we would use it for something simple, like an alarm. Not everything we want or need to do with our Androids has to be intricate and compelling. Sometimes, we just want it to beep and wake us up.

Poll results

And almost 90-percent of us do just that.

The most interesting thing (and this usually happens in the comments on any poll) was all the different apps we use to wake us up. The stock app that came with our phone works for some of us, others like Timely, or Sleep as Android, or any of the other great alarm slash clock slash timer apps available for Android. It definitely got me to look at a couple of them, and told me we need to look at the best of them once again. Stay tuned for that!