Poll Followup: Other wins out of nowhere

Last week we asked which device announcement from CES 2016 was your favorite. There were so many fantastic announcements at CES 2016 that trying to decide on a favorite is definitely difficult. There were so many fantastic devices we got to see for the first time, like the HTC Vive Pre, or the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S.

We gave you your choice from our Top Picks of CES 2016 which meant you got ten of the best announcements to pick from, or the Other category.

Your favorite devices from CES 2016

In a serious surprise, you let us know that your favorite device announcement wasn't even on our list of the best of CES 2016. Mostly because it's hard to give an award to "everything else". So it was the "other" category won with 370 votes for 21 percent of the vote. In second place was the Huawei Mate 8 with 16 percent of the vote or 281 votes. This week we had a tie for third place between the updated HTC Vive Pre, and the Fitbit Blaze, which both grabbed up 13 percent of the vote.

So which device did you vote for? Or, if your favorite wasn't on last week's poll, what was your favorite device announcement of CES 2016?