Android bootloader

Android Marshmallow is officially official, and released for currently supported Nexus program phones, tablets and TV boxes. The new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P ship with Android 6.0, and some folks are even getting OTA updates. But for most of us who are willing and able to install Marshmallow right now — as in today, I can't wait another minute — have to flash a factory image to do so.

The next few weeks will be filled with blog posts about fragmentation, tales of woe and "abandoned" smartphones and rumors about which phones will get Marshmallow and when they will be getting it. Of course, comments everywhere will be full of pointless bickering and general buffoonery about it all, too.

Today, let us forget all of that and see who has flashed the images versus who is waiting it out. Around here, we do that with a poll.

And this one is not just for Nexus users. Most of us aren't able to flash anything just yet on our Samsungs or LGs or HTCs. There's a poll option for you, as well as a place in the comments for friendly discussion.

You know what to do.