Another week is in the can and the glorious release of Saturday is here. We love weekends around these parts and are betting that most of you feel the same way. It's a time to do whatever you like to do without worrying about a boss or the things he or she want you to do. Good times.

They're also pretty chill times without a lot going on in the world of Googly techie things. That makes it a perfect time for a talk-about-whatever-you-wanna-talk-about comment thread. That's what this is. 😎

Jump in below and talk about stuff. It doesn't have to be Google stuff. But it does have to be within the rules stuff. Be kind to each other and all that.

I'll start this week:

I fulfilled a lifelong dream early this week and recorded some music for money. Not a lot of money. But hard-earned money. I learned that playing guitar in a studio is not nearly as fun as playing guitar with friends or on the stage of a dive bar somewhere. The hours are long and the pressure is high. Turns out that what I imagined as getting a buzz and jamming with friends is really a job.

I think I'll stick to fooling with Android and stuff to make a living.

The comments are wide open.