Get social

We've been talking social networking all week here at Mobile Nations, and with close to a Billion Android devices out there, we know the social networks are filled with plenty of Android users. And we have plenty of choice about which social networks we want to use.

While using the same network as our friends is probably the biggest deciding factor, there are other reasons why we pick the service we want to use as our virtual soapbox. Some people have very valid privacy concerns. Others are more interested in the best way to share the pictures and video they take. And some get hooked on the messaging or video chat services these platforms have to offer.

All the popular services are slowly beginning to resemble each other. Messengers, photo and video uploading and sharing, and contact management seem to be the popular issues people think about when they decide which service is the best for them. When we want to know what you guys and gals think, we ask. 

On the sidebar to the right, and after the break, you'll find this week's poll. Take a second and let us know what you think the most important feature of a good social network is. My answer? I share everything with the public. I don't need fancy privacy settings (though i appreciate that they are there) or contact management. My big feature is photo storage and sharing. Be sure to tell us what you want.

Before we go, let's revisit last week's poll.

Are you ordering a Google Play Edition phone?

Google Play edition

Pretty convincing and expected result there. We knew going in that these weren't going to be mainstream devices, and your choice echoes that.