This week's sidebar poll: Were you able to order a new Nexus?

Unfortunately, "coming soon" is what most people saw when they went to order a new Nexus device. To put it gently, the launch was a bit of a fustercluck. We've been ranting about it, and trying to figure out ways around it since late last night. We're tired, and half of us couldn't get a device ordered.

It was not a good day.

Something tells me that more than just a handful of sleepy bloggers had a bad morning. So take the poll, and vent away in the comments. We can't do anything about it, but we sure can bitch along with you. You'll find the poll in the sidebar to the right, or after the break.

Before we go, last weeks results.

Are you going prepaid with your Nexus 4?

  • Yes -- 56.93-percent
  • No -- 28.84-percent
  • Undecided -- 14.22-percent

So it looks like plenty of folks will be trying some flavor of pre-paid service, once they finally get hold of a Nexus 4.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • I'm actually shocked at how bad this got. People were grumbling all day at work about it.
  • If you haven't gotten one and still want one, keep checking the page, it seems they go in and out of stock. So keep trying, that's how I got my order through.
  • When were you able to do that? Also what region are you in?
  • The problem with that is the same issues exist. Just now I happened to load the store page and was able to add a 16GB Nexus 4 to my cart, only to have it removed in the next step due to and error of some kind. :S
  • Damn, still no luck on my end :(.
  • Same for me, I got a 16GB version just after 1p eastern time (US). I periodically refreshed from about 11:45a until then and never even saw the option to add to my cart until after 1p. Still took at least a dozen attempts to get it to go through (errors, random cart emptying, etc).
  • I had an identical experience. Ended up getting both an N10 and N4, but as separate orders, which is a pain in the ass because I'll end up paying double the shipping. But oh well, I'll live.
  • I wasn't so lucky. Set an alarm for 7:58am GMT, managed to get to checkout in my first attempt at 8:14am only to be booted out when trying to change delivery address. Kept trying solidly for another twenty minutes. A process of adding to basket, disappearing, adding again but never managed to get back to checkout. It's a little annoying but realistically I can wait at least few more weeks.
  • Weeks??????
    I'm hoping we are talking days not week.
    I believe stock is available
    I want to beleive stock is available
    Please let stock be available
  • I am hoping with you.
  • Got mine this morning without a hassle.
  • Keep trying all throughout the day. I just got mine 30 minutes ago on the 16gb.
  • I was refreshing the page over and over and over.
    I finally saw the "Add to cart" button.
    I freaked out, clicked on it, and completed the checkout.
    However, it's still "Pending" soooooo yeahh...
    They must be going in and out of stock otherwise I wouldn't
    have been able to order it.
    I'm just hoping they're behind on orders and will ship later today or tomorrow.
  • Is it available through T-Mobile starting today as well?
  • I checked all night long and then finally at 9:34 MDT it said it was available. I added the 16GB one to my cart and went to checkout. I kept getting the error towards the top of the screen saying "there's an error". Finally it brought up all the Google Wallet info, but it was blank and the only thing I could see was submit order. I thought this isn't good, but I didn't want to close the Google Wallet pop-up screen so I looked around and some how clicked a link that said are you sure you want to close your Google Wallet session. I said no and that's when it took me to a Google Wallet session where I could see my credit card and shipping address. I quickly picked all the right info and submitted the order. I patiently waited and then it said sorry your order didn't go through but you won't be charged. I was pretty ticked, but what could I really do about it?? After about 20 minutes of messing around with it I gave up and realized I wouldn't be getting one today... About 10 minutes later I received an email telling me the order went through, but that I won't be billed until it ships (est. 11/15). I felt pretty lucky to get the order in after all.
  • Something very similar happened to me, but 30 minutes after it went sold out I still didn't know that I had bought it, I went to eat and maybe 45 minutes after I received an email confirmation
  • We'll see late Thursday when my check comes in...
  • I saw the shopping cart button this morning, but it didn't go through. Since then I'm refreshing like crazy for 12 hours now. No luck anymore.
  • holy sh*t it works. keep refreshing it. i just ordered one within the last minute. 3:59PM EST. wow.
  • What region are you in?
  • NYC area.
  • I have a refresh script running to notify me when it says "IN STOCK", no luck so far in Canada :(.
  • I have a refresh script running to notify me when it loses "NOTIFY ME", no luck so far in Munich.
  • sorry. i wasn't very optimistic whatsoever, as I saw it turn back to "In Stock" plenty of times today and then it just poofed from my cart at checkout. but i was able to rush through checkout and get a confirmation that last time i saw it. good luck to you.
  • After staying up all night (refreshing my browser) and hearing horror stories from forum members from Aus and EU, I was ready for a rough morning. When the N4 showed up "In stock" at 11.30am ET, I added it to my cart but the order didn't go through. It either showed errors or the phone mysteriously was dropping out of my cart. The phone's availability also was toggling between "Coming soon" and "In stock" once every few seconds. Kept refreshing my browser and finally at 2pm ET was able to complete my order.
    Phew! This was my most difficult online purchase experience ever! I expected better from Google!
  • It would be interesting to split the poll into region. I can assure you 16gb was sold out in 15mins in UK.
  • Had a friend who had better luck getting it into a cart order two and ship one to me. 30 min later, I was able to get one into my cart (though didn't complete transaction). Use a browser page refresh-and-check extension and you'll eventually succeed, but you must ACT fast once it's available since it will fall out of your cart faster than you can blink. Was able to get a bumper case an hour later the same way.
  • I was able to buy a Nexus 10 32GB this morning a little before 9:30 PST I had a couple of errors loading the page and adding it to the cart, but after backing out and retrying, I eventually got it. My email receipt took about 30 minutes to arrive, but I confirmed my order immediately by looking at my past orders in the Play store. The email from Google about Nexus 10 availability arrived about an hour later.
  • Same for me, word for word. I got booted out at least 10-15 times and then it magically went through. Yay!!!
  • At 11:34 am (EST) I clicked refresh and added the N10 (32GB) to my cart. It took a little over 10 mins of trying to checkout after that, but it finally worked. Well sort of... I received an error, and it appeared as if my order didn't go through successfully. I always check my cc account online to validate my orders, so when I checked, the Google Wallet charge was there pending. I even called customer service to double check. They verified and I was good to go. I received a confirmation email from Google Play about 1 hour after I ordered. Definitely could've been smoother, but I expected this considering no preorders were taken. Glad I got mine.
  • Yes keep trying and hopefully your persistence will pay off. I got mine around 12:15 CST (I tried relentlessly around 10:30 CST and kept getting errors and the random cart emptying)
  • So.. I was waiting all day (and checked periodically throughout the night) to order this phone.. Heard in the morning that around noon (EST) it would go on sale in the states.. But kept refreshing throughout the day at work.. Then at like 11:48 i checked and it said you could add to cart or whatever.. and I was pumped.. (thinking no one else knew, lol) and kept getting errors probably like most other people got.. kept trying for like 40 minutes and no such luck.. was not the happiest of campers.. Right before I was about to leave work.. I was like.. let me just check again and see if I could get lucky.. go in there and try to get the 16gb version and it just had the spot where you type your email address in and they will notify you.. So I said to myself.. I will hit f5 7 times.. just for the hell of it.. and no joke.. on the 7th try and as I was about to hit the close button on chrome it finally said add to cart.. (which I had that happen before at noon but it still would give me errors).. so I wasn't that optimistic about it.. but all said and done it worked.. and I receieved a confirmation email.. So for whoever didn't get a chance to order one.. keep checking and refresh a bunch and see if it works for you.. worth a shot.. hope it works for ya..
  • Hitler didn't get a nexus 4
  • I'm still mad Google didn't notify me. I put my email address in and everything.
  • I had a script running that alerted me at 10:32 CST that the page had changed. It took several attempts as my beautiful Nexus 4 kept getting either pulled from my cart or would fail processing, but finally I prevailed and got the Nexus 4 16 GB. I was unable to get the bumper until about 2 PM CST and I was then able to get that as well!! Good day but only because of the script!!
  • Had the same issues this morning as everyone else. Managed to get a Nexus 10(32GB) through. Just now kept refreshing Nexus 4(16GB) page over and over and changed to add to cart. And went all the way through checkout. Got email confirmation just now.
  • Just ordered mine at 4:40PM EST! They are still popping in and out of the store so keep tring folks!
  • It was pretty bad this morning I was on the site when it went live.
    Added my 32GB Nexus 10 went through checkout ready to press buy in wallet and it errored out took me 30 minutes to get it ordered.
  • I have a feeling that the sporadic availability is US only because I don't think anyone outside the US is getting the sporadic availability....
  • Wow . . I would have thought all the AC people would have special access . . That's sad of all people that Jerry and some of the gang got left out .
  • Google has to be more prepared when launching devices. Unless they underestimated the demand, I don't see the reason for all the ordering issues...
  • I'm in UK and google notified me after they had sold out, pissed with them..
  • I've had the coming soon page up all day and it hasn't changed in UK ,I hope it won't be to long before google give us some info on how long it will be before they're back up for sale...
  • Like some have posted on numerous occasions earlier today I had my new 16gb N4 in my cart only to have it vanish repeatedly when trying to check out
  • Accidentally got two...I'm trying to figure out what to do with the second now...
  • I`ll buy that off you if you can`t figure out what to do with it!
  • Wait? It's sold out in nearly every region and in a matter of minutes in some places? How could that be? Every N4 article was full of angry commenters stating that because the phone lacks SD expansion and LTE, it was DOA, a deal breaker, nothing more than an Galaxy Nexus "S", blah blah blah Guess the market likes a high-end phone, unattached to a carrier, for not much more than what an on contract one costs! lol Hang in there guys, I'm sure it's simply demand exceeding expectations. If only Phil had not gone on-and-on about the cool back panel!
  • Yeah, I'm glad to see it selling so well. It's a shame about all the problems people have had with ordering but everybody was trying to order at the same exact time. We didn't have to stand in a long line out in the cold at least. If that were the case, the people at the end of the line wouldn't have gotten a phone today. Can you imagine what it would be like at an Apple tore if everybody was trying to push there way inside the door at once? That's kind of how it was for Google's servers today lol.
  • I didn't vote because I didn't order a Nexus 4. I did order a 32Gb Nexus 10 though :)
  • was anyone else billed immediately? I was billed before I even got a confirmation via email or google wallet. I was still attempting to buy one because the page errored out at the last step when i just happened to check my bank account.
  • Try using a different browser. Some orders faulted out resulting in sperts of N4's reappearing in stock after being temporarily claimed then dropped in error. Firefox seems to work for me even now. USA
  • Indeed. Was able to order one about 30 minutes ago. So keep checking!!!!
  • I was trying to get the Nexus 4 16gb all day, and I only saw it as coming soon. Even when it supposedly first came available and when others said they saw it, all I ever saw was "coming soon". I decided to try my luck with the 8gb, and after a few refreshes it showed up and I was lucky enough to order it. Good luck to those who want one, hopefully more are made available soon! I know that I can't wait to switch from my Blackberry to my first Android phone! :)
  • Congratulations on your first Android phone! What carrier do you use? If you have unlimited data, be sure to use Google's cloud services like Google Music. That will help save room on your phone. Heck, use the services even if you don't have unlimited data, then you can just pin the songs and other content you want to the phone while you are on wi-fi. The cool thing about that is you can easily switch out content while on wi-fi without having to sync up with your computer or anything like that. It will also all be available on any computer you can sign into Google with.
  • Seriously, keep checking...some are becoming avail thru out the day. Got mine around 3pm EST.
  • Woke up at 10:50 GMT, went onto the play store and had a nexus10 16gb purchased 5 minutes later. All I can say from my experience is well played Google.
  • I kept timing out on both firefox and chrome on my PC. I got into my car and had no problem over 4G. Crazy coincidence?
  • If I have to keep clicking refresh just to be able to give my money to a company, that company obviously does not want my money. As a long time IOS user, this was my first experience with an Android device and it wasnt a good one. I will let calmer heads prevail and wait a week to see if they get more in stock. If not I will be ordering an IP5 that I know I will be able to get when I want.
  • I'm glad you are keeping a level temper about this. Imagine everybody at an Apple store trying to shove their way into the door at once on the first day a new iPhone is released. That's a bit like how it worked for Google's servers. There isn't a way for Google to form a nice, neat line of customers. Even at an Apple store, people get turned away if they are too far back in the line when the store runs out of stock. Hopefully Google will have more soon because if you want to make a switch to Android, Nexus is the best way to do it in my opinion.
  • Tried at 12:15, no luck. Tried at 3:30 and in less than a minute. My order was in for the 8gb Nexus 4. Decided to use the Jerry plan and use the cloud.
  • This has probably been said.
    1. If you called Google play last night at 3 am they told you it was a 12 noon(est) release. It actually released nearly 30 min prior. 2. If you selected to have your Google info stored on it. You received an error.
    3. When making a payment it took several long minutes just to verify the card and then make the payment. 4. Not everyone got a verification email to say they made an order.
    This was not a good experience at all.
  • Standing in a long line in the cold wouldn't have been a good experience for me either, especially if they sold out before I could get the phone. At least this way, I was sitting in the warmth and comfort of my home when I made my order lol. If I wasn't able to get the device I wanted today (the Nexus 10), then the worst that happens is the wait until they go on sale again. I guess it's just a perspective thing. I can understand the different levels of frustration though, depending on how badly any given person wanted to have the phone right away.
  • I was able to get two on 2 separate transactions. Got confirmation very quickly within 3 mins for both. Keep trying !!!!!! Btw in Miami. Don't lose hope!
  • That was the worst online-ordering experience I *ever* had near noon when trying to buy a USA Nexus 10 32GB. It took perhaps 100 tries using different browsers, and my phone, sometimes getting through, sometimes things would stay in my cart, sometimes it proceeded to order, most of the time it would crap out with zillions of errors and other problems anywhere along the entire line. At on point on my Android phone running the stock Android browser, it asked for an address and refused to give me a keyboard to type it in. When the order actually DID succeed, it still said it failed and contact Google, which as everyone knows it useless. Yet it showed on my credit card and *4 hours later* I got a confirmation Email. What a cluster F***. Google might do a lot of things well, but it doesn't have a clue how to handle ordering/fulfilling physical stuff.
  • OK, so I got one but I'm not blowing my horn. Lots of lost sleep, uncertainty of when this order process was to take place and when your on the East coast for an event on the left coast, it can be an adventure. Maybe Google should take a cue from one of its arch rivals and learn the mastery of real-time order processing. Having said all that, I hate reading post after post, most of which are shots in the dark of what supposedly is to be taking place and which most all were bogus. As I sat watching Google's main ordering page expecting it to refresh when I pressed the refresh key with real-time information, it didn't. Instead you had to play a stupid guessing game of clicking on an image of the Nesus 10 that was for all intensive purposes grayed out or a non eye catching entity that had sat idle for 12 hours until 9:00am PST on the 13th. Google, next time just tell me in ordinary language its now available. O yes, the email alert did arrive in my in box, unfortunately it was hours after I had placed my order. Is this the search giant I'm dealing with? Is this the very same giant that just gobbled up my cash and has co-manufactured my new device? I sure hope the end result is a plus and not just a Google +.
  • GUYS KEEP REFRESHING!!!! I ordered 3 Nexus (1-16GB / 2-8GB) around 4-5 pm in central time.. I got my order number and emails.. JUST KEEP REFRESHING!! Good luck!!
  • I ordered two 16 GB Nexus 4's at 2:43 PM CST. I hit refresh about 10-11 times and the Notify Me button changed to Add Cart. I checked out with no problems. I had originally started trying about 15 minutes before they were to go on sale. I was able to get them in my cart but the checkout would fail repeatedly. Then my shopping cart would suddenly be empty and I would have to add them again only to have it fail at checkout again. I did this several times. About 5 minutes before the official start time I had to give up -- I had to go to a meeting. Stupid work. An hour later, I tried again but couldn't get anything but the "Coming Soon" message and I noticed that several sites were saying they were sold out so I gave up. Around 2:30 CST, I started looking to see when more would be in stock and I noticed several comments from people who said they were able to purchase a 16 GB Nexus 4 by clicking refresh until the Coming Soon page was replaced with an Add Cart button. I tried clicking refresh about 10 times with no luck. But about 10 minutes later I gave it one more shot and it worked!
  • It's still working; just got a 16GB N4 at 6:50PM CST. I kept refreshing over about 10 minutes. Good luck!
  • After several failed attempts I was able to snag a Nexus 4 8gb Model. Kept on refreshing the page until I was able to add the 8gb model. I really wanted togettthe 16gb but it kept on giving me an error message. I was able to add it to cart several times couldnt get passed the proceed button so in a moment of desperation I settled for the 8 gig model. Also got my hands on a Nexus 10 16gb, didnt have any problems getting that one at all.
  • Wasn't able to order mine but tryin to stay optimistic. At least whenever i can order one, i can get some good accessories with it that will have been reviewed and used by that time. And maybe a wireless charger will have been manufactured as well.
  • Holy $HIT it did just work! Like everyone else, I tried right when it was released with all the errors and no luck. Was sulking and reading through these posts and people were saying to keep hitting refresh. I did about 40 times and it popped up as available and I just got a confirmation email for the 16gb!!!!
  • This ordering experience was such a crap shoot that I'm actually dreading an email that says something like "Sorry even though we sent you a confirmation notice, show a successful order on Google Play, and charged your credit card, we fudged up and you actually won't be getting one". Anybody else thinking this may happen, and have there been any shipping confirmations yet?
  • Even if they are sold out they should still allow us to make a purchase and somewhere in the process give us an expected ship date. Then the transaction starts we we're in the cue. There really isn't a good reason to make us go back to the site over and over hoping that one will be available. This "check back" in the play store is annoying and not helpful.
  • Got so lucky, checked the play store at around 11:35 am EST and it was available for purchase. After a few errors my payment went through and estimate shipping is for thursday 15!1