When a new phone is released without NFC, there's a lot of wailing and teeth-gnashing on the Internet about how horrible it is that manufacturer X is silly for not including it. Some folks seem to be die-hard fans of the tech, while others just don't seem to care. The best way to settle that sort of argument is a steel-cage deathmatch a poll, so that's what we're asking this week.

NFC is useful for much more than payments. I use it, and I can honestly say that I rarely use Google Wallet -- even when shopping in a store that supports it. It;s more natural for me to reach into my pocket and grab a few bucks that it is to use my phone. I like the automation ability that NFC adds, and have a tag in the cup holder of my car that changes a few things like turning off Wifi and starting up Google Maps. I also have one on my nightstand that puts the phone into desk clock mode. Nerdy, but that's how I roll.

What about you guys? Answer the poll (you'll find it in the sidebar as well as after the break) and tell us in the comments how you're using NFC.

Before we go, here's last week's results:

Do you use the Amazon appstore?

  • Nope. I keep away. -- 48.86-percent
  • Yes, on my regular Android devices. -- 47.56-percent
  • Yes, but only on the Kindle Fire. -- 3.58-percent

Just about fifty-fifty here. We're just glad that Google gives that 47.56-percent of us the choice to use whatever appstore we want.