App developer Jose Ortega has brought text-to-speech and voice-recognition technology to the world of feed readers with his new WebTalks app, which recently launched on the Android Market. WebTalks integrates with Google Reader and reads articles aloud using text-to-speech functionality. The app also includes a voice recognition option as a quicker alternative to scrolling through a long list of subscriptions.

While WebTalks a definitely little rougher around the edges than the official Google Reader app, its speech and voice integration works perfectly, offering a unique way to catch up on the news. This is an app that'll definitely be useful if you want to check up on your feeds while driving or doing anything else that occupies most of your attention.

Check after the jump for a QR and Android Market link for the free ad-supported version. There's also an ad-free paid version available for €2.99 that offers extra features like multiple languages.