The Pixel Watch leak has us cautiously optimistic

google pixel watch live images
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What you need to know

  • Recent leaks have shown us what the alleged Pixel Watch may look like when launched.
  • We asked our readers what they think of the Pixel Watch design and whether they'd purchase one if this design were final.
  • More than half the responses say it depends on the specs and price.
  • Of the votes, 26% say they would gladly buy one now.

It's been an exciting week following the first live images of the alleged Pixel Watch. The device has appeared in more than a few images, first with the bands off and later with them on, giving us a good idea of what we may look forward to once Google finally launches the darn thing.

This week, we asked our readers if they would purchase the Pixel Watch if this were the final design. Of the responses, 51% say that it depends on the specs and price of the device, which makes sense. We don't know much, but a recent rumor puts the device in the range of $300 to $400, which would pit it against some of the best Android smartwatches. This could indicate higher-end specs are in the cards for the Pixel Watch, but of course, we'll have to wait and see.

26% of readers were a bit more enthusiastic, saying they would buy the watch now if they could. However, 21% weren't interested.

Pixel Watch leak poll responses

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Benjamin Jagun on Facebook says that it definitely depends on the specs. Otherwise, they might consider other smartwatches.

"For me it depends on the specs, the only other Smartwatches I'd consider is the Garmin and Fitbit along with the Apple Watch but I'll be honest, the Pixel Watch is the one that I'm interested in the most."

Alex Lawson on Twitter agrees that specs are important, particularly battery life.

"If you can leave the sensors on and get more than 24hrs of battery life, I'm all for it."

Given that Google has promised better efficiency and battery life with Wear OS 3, it seems likely that this could be the case. In our testing, the Galaxy Watch 4 can last more than a day on a single charge, and some devices like the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra can last a few days even with Wear OS 2.x.

The leaked Pixel Watch was likely a prototype, and while it's unclear if the leak was intentional or not, it definitely got us talking, even if Google isn't. Unfortunately, the charger wasn't included, so we may not have an idea of the watch experience, specs, or anything else until it launches, likely at Google I/O. We'll definitely be watching.

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