T-Mobile grabs Meta's Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses to help you capture life

Ray-Ban Stories camera logo.
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What you need to know

  • T-Mobile is offering the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses to its customers.
  • The lenses come with dual 5MP cameras, are able to record 60-seconds worth of video per shot, and have 4GB of storage.
  • The Ray-Ban glasses contain micro speakers, allowing users to listen to music or other forms of audio.

T-Mobile picks up Meta's Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, bringing in more hands-free living with technology.

T-Mobile uploaded a video discussing the recent inclusion of the Ray-ban Wayfarer smartglasses for its customers. If you're unfamiliar, the Ray-ban smart glasses are basically like putting Facebook on your face. Since T-Mobile is bringing the wearable device into the fold, the company lets users know that these smart glasses can be paired with the Android phones it provides on its network.

The Ray-Ban glasses allow users to capture photos easily with their dual 5MP cameras. The device is also able to record up to 60-seconds of video. Another alternative to activating its recording mode, outside of pressing the button on the right arm, is by using the wearable's voice activation feature.

The glasses themselves come with 4GB of storage space. T-Mobile's breakdown of its storage usage states users could have over 30-second videos or over five hundred photos. Whatever you've captured using your smart glasses is automatically uploaded to the View app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Users can then view their captured moments and share them as they please.

The Meta-created glasses also allow users to listen to music or podcasts as the device comes with its own set of micro speakers. There is also an area for touch controls along the right arm of the glasses. This touchpad allows you to control the volume of the speakers or any playback controls, as well.

With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses allow users to not only receive calls via the device but also dial out.

While the Ray-Ban Wayfarer smart glasses are Meta's "smart lens" device, the company is interested in stepping into AR glasses, as well. The parent company of Facebook has plans to release new standalone augmented reality glasses in 2024, 2026, and 2028. The Ray-Ban smart glasses are also mentioned to possibly have more releases, as well, moving forward.

Google also has designs to get serious about its wearable hardware and teased smart AI glasses at Google I/O 2022. During the event, Google showed the glasses potentially having the ability to translate another language live for you to read. These glasses looked pretty standard to regular lenses sans any smart tech within them. While the device's live translation feature was the only ability shown, Google has not yet detailed its release plans for the new smart lenses just yet.

For now, we'll have to go with the smart glasses currently on the market. The Ray-Ban Stories are available at T-Mobile and retail for $299.

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