Pixel Watch 2 could bring a 'faster' charger and new sports band colors

Google Pixel Watch charging on the included magnetic dock
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What you need to know

  • New rumors purport the Pixel Watch 2 will arrive with several new sports band colors such as Moondust, Hazel, Obsidian, and Porcelain.
  • A recently discovered listing suggests the device might feature a "Fast Charging Cable," though exactly how fast is unknown.
  • The Pixel Watch 2 is rumored to continue to offer the same gold, black, and silver casing colorways.
  • The Pixel Watch 2 launches on October 4.

Some new insights paint a picture of what consumers could expect with Google's next smartwatch. Information received by DroidLife suggests the Pixel Watch 2 could launch with several new sports band colors, such as Hazel, Moondust, Obsidian, and Porcelain. The other new color, Coral, was already shown off previously in a Google ad during the Women's World Cup.

Furthermore, it appears as though the new bands will be compatible with the attachment mechanism the original Pixel Watch features. The publication adds Google has sent a few Pixel Superfans the new sports band to try out with their current devices.

The publication also alludes to a listing a Google listing that reads, "Pixel Watch 2 USB-C Fast Charging Cable." Nothing other than that is known, although it makes us hopeful for a charger that can output more than just 5W like the original iteration.

The body (casing) of the Pixel Watch 2 is likely to remain the same as last year's LTE and Wi-Fi models. We've already seen Google tease the new watch in the silver casing. Speculation tosses gold and black casing options into the mix for Google's next watch, keeping things very close to its first model. Moreover, the Gold casing might come paired with a Hazel band, the black with an Obsidian band, and the silver with a Chalk or Porcelain band.

It looks like there will be a fourth option, "Bay," which is either a "cool green" or brown.

Google Pixel Watch 2 tease

(Image credit: Google)

Getting back to that Pixel Watch 2 teaser, though it was only 15 seconds long, a few subtle differences with the next device were clear. The rear of the device showed a redesigned sensor layout with an EDA sensor and others likely possible. A specification leak suggests the Pixel Watch 2 will sport the same 1.2-inch display. However, the device is jumping up in the performance space, dropping the years-old Exynos chip for the Snapdragon W5 Gen 1.

The reveal of the Pixel Watch 2's silver casing and porcelain band isn't too surprising. The Pixel 8 series was teased in a new porcelain colorway, and it's speculated that the same option is coming for the Pixel Buds Pro, too.

The good thing is we won't have to wait long as Google announced the devices will be revealed on October 4.

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  • sc0rpio72
    I think the development of smartwatches from big names such as Pixel, Samsung, and Apple, is still in its infancy. According to your article the new pixel watch offers more sports band and faster charger, which most people don't really care. Once it's out, there will be much cheaper made from China on amazon website.

    Samsung and Apple have released smart watches for years, but the battery life is no longer than 2.5 days. While others such as Amzfit, Huawei, and other brands offer at least 12 days battery life. Why would someone spend at least $200 for smartwatch that has to be charged once a day or every other day?

    I notice all three major bands brag on the accuracy of their GPS, heart rate, water proof, and other 'supposedly' health information. That's great for people who are health conscious, but how about regular people who don't care and just want a simple smart watch that has longer battery life?

    I like my smartwatch because it notifies me for text message, answer calls from my watch, and occasionally new posting from TikTok and other social media. Other than that, I don't care about how many steps I take, how many hours I sleep, stand up reminder, or my SpO2 level.

    I hope Samsung, Pixel, and Apple, read this. We now have smartphones that can last more than three days, but hardly any smartwatches.