Your old Galaxy Watch will lose support next year

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What you need to know

  • Your first Samsung Galaxy Watch might be unable to install apps next year.
  • TizenOS support clarified upcoming changes coming to the operating system from next year to a Reddit user.
  • The first changes will occur in September this year, and all TizenOS-powered smartwatches will be affected.

Samsung's first Galaxy Watch shipped with Tizen OS, followed by the next batch of Samsung smartwatches featuring the same operating system. It's been a while since Samsung cared about the Tizen OS — as most new ones come with WearOS. The Korean tech giant looks like it is officially pulling the plug next year.

A Reddit user who interacted with Samsung's Galaxy Store Operations team (via Android Authority) revealed some interesting details about the Tizen OS and its future support for Galaxy Watches released before the Watch 4 series. Predominantly, Tizen service "will only be available until September 2025," the team noted, citing Galaxy Store's policy.

Samsung is dropping Galaxy Store support for Tizen Watches from r/GalaxyWatch

Currently, Tizen OS-powered smartwatches released by Samsung include the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch 3, Active 1, Active 2, Gear, and others launched before the Galaxy Watch 4 series — all the aforementioned will be the primary devices losing support in phases. Starting September 30, the Galaxy Store won't provide paid Tizen watch content.

Secondly, Tizen OS users cannot download new watch content from the Galaxy Store after May 31, 2025, while the already downloaded apps "will still be available" unless users delete them from their smartwatch. If the users delete them, they won't be available to re-download after September 30, 2025.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm Black

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Per the publication, the Tizen developer portal also no longer allows new Tizen watch apps or updates. Despite a successful run of Tizen OS with the first Galaxy Watch and the succeeding models until the Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung chose to shift to WearOS since the Galaxy Watch 4. Hence, Samsung's ending support for Tizen OS is an expected move. 

However, users of the earlier Galaxy Watch models may have to settle for the current and upcoming versions from Samsung, such as the Galaxy Watch 7 series, which is anticipated to launch alongside the foldable phones in July. Alternatively, users can continue to use the services through the next year; as Samsung notes, "core services related to this watch will stop everywhere except Galaxy Store after May 2025." In that case, they can look for an upgrade.

It is also worth mentioning that Samsung is unlikely to shut down Tizen entirely as the company still runs the Tizen operating system on some of the Smart TVs available in the market.

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