Galaxy Watch 6 models are tipped to sport larger displays

Spotify app open on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
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What you need to know

  • The next flagship smartwatch from Samsung will likely be bigger.
  • The Galaxy Watch 6 models are tipped to have bigger screens this year.
  • The 40mm model will sport a 1.31-inch screen, and the 44mm model could equip a 1.47-inch dial.

The Galaxy Watch 6 is probably the next most anticipated product launch from Samsung besides the foldables. While we look forward to the launch later this year, tipster Ice Universe from Twitter has shared some interesting details of the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6.

The Galaxy Watch 5 from last year was regarded as the best Android smartwatch that Samsung has ever made. It came in two sizes, 44mm and 40mm. The successor is said to follow in the footsteps but with bigger screens and a noticeable bump in resolution, notes the tipster.

The 44mm Galaxy Watch 6 will likely feature a 1.47-inch screen with a 480 x 480 resolution. In comparison, the Watch 5 had a 1.4-inch screen and 450 x 450 resolution. Similarly, the 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 will have a 1.31-inch dial with 432 x 432 resolution. The predecessor had a smaller 1.2-inch screen aided by 396 x 396 resolution.

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Though it might not be a significant differentiating factor from the previous models, it is still interesting to see the change on paper until we get a hand on the actual device. Ice Universe further hinted at a possible Classic version of the aforementioned Galaxy Watch 6 models; however, there is no mention of the alleged Pro variant.

Early this year, Ice Universe shared some insights into the Galaxy Watch 6's design. Unlike the predecessor, which sported a flat display, the Watch 6 is likely coming with a curved glass design. It is an exciting change to see as Samsung is said to be opting for the new design, as most Galaxy Watch devices have had flat displays from the start.

Additionally, Ice Universe seems to suggest that we might get smaller bezels, as an earlier Tweet states that "the screen proportion has finally been improved."

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Other earlier reports have also pointed out that we could see bigger batteries on the 40mm and 44mm Galaxy Watch 6 models. The former is said to feature a 300mAh battery, and the latter with a 425mAh battery capacity. In comparison, the same models of the Galaxy Watch 5 involve 284mAh and 410mAh battery capacities.

Considering the expected and rumored specs, it is plausible to assume that this year's Galaxy Watch 6 models will be bigger on the inside and out.

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