Galaxy Watch 5 leak suggests a slight price hike and a costly Pro model

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 tiles
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What you need to know

  • A WinFuture writer has leaked alleged prices for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.
  • Prices could range between 300 and 540 euros depending on the case size and inclusion of LTE.
  • This would make the Galaxy Watch 5 more expensive than its predecessor.
  • He also confirms the Galaxy Watch 5 will come in six different color options across all three models.

WinFuture journalist Roland Quandt claims to know how much the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will cost. And compared to the Galaxy Watch 4, the newer model may not be quite as affordable as its bargain-priced predecessor.

According to Quandt, the 40mm, 44mm, and 45mm Bluetooth models will cost about 300 euros, 350 euros, and 490 euros, respectively. That converts to about $320, $370, and $520 — though Samsung likely won't follow an exact conversion rate when deciding international prices.

For comparison, the Galaxy Watch 4 costs about $250/€270 and $280/€300 in those same sizes, with some variation based on the country. This suggests Samsung sees the Galaxy Watch 5 as enough of an upgrade to demand a higher price tag. 

We've heard rumors that the Galaxy Watch 5 could receive a slight battery bump and a new temperature sensor; but no other leaks have revealed any major spec or design improvements. 

Quandt's tweet also suggests an LTE upgrade will cost about 50 euros extra, and confirms a previous Galaxy Watch 5 colors leak that it'll ship in six different colors: Gray or Silver for 40mm/44mm, Pink Gold for 40mm, Blue for 44mm, and Black or Gray Titanium for the 45mm Pro watch.

A Galaxy Watch 5 Pro priced at 490 euros would suggest a $450-500 U.S. price tag, well above the $380 cost of the 46mm Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Typically, most Android smartwatches fall around $200-$300, so Samsung will have to offer some impressive specs to justify the high cost.

A recent leak indicated the Pro model could sport a massive 572mAh battery, matching the battery size in the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS. And a Titanium design would cost much more than your typical aluminum watch. Considering a Titanium Apple Watch Series 7 costs $800, a $500 Galaxy Watch 5 Pro may not be that overpriced in context.

As for the non-Pro models, even with this small price hike, they'll still cost less than the Apple Watch Series 8, and possibly less than the Google Pixel Watch as well. In that context, we'd still consider these raised prices a respectable deal; but we'll have to wait for the official numbers from Samsung to be certain.

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