Fitbit Charge 5 outage has been resolved

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What you need to know

  • Fitbit is currently experiencing an outage.
  • Fitbit owners report problems syncing data from their wearables to the app.
  • The company says it's looking into the problem.
  • The outage appears to primarily affect the Fitbit Charge 5.

Some Fitbit users noticed on Tuesday that their morning workouts weren't being logged in their app. It seems devices weren't syncing data to the app, affecting select devices more than others. However, it seems the outage is now over.

According to DownDetector, it looks like the outage started early Tuesday morning, around 6 am ET. It appeared to primarily affect the Fitbit Charge 5, which was the subject of most complaints. That said, our own Charge 5 unit didn't appear to be affected, and it's unclear if other Fitbit devices had similar problems.

A spokesperson reached out to inform us that the outage affecting Charge 5 devices has now been resolved. A cursory glance at DownDetector seems to confirm as much, with outage reports falling back to blue.

Charge 5 owners stormed the Fitbit Support Twitter account on Tuesday morning, which recommended they try out various troubleshooting methods, to no avail. Meanwhile, the Fitbit Support account posted an update at roughly noon ET — several hours after reports began — publicly acknowledging the issue and explaining that the company was investigating the problem.

Twitter users are now chiming in to say that their devices are now syncing again, which is a good sign.

Some users attribute the syncing issues to a recent firmware update for the Charge 5, although it's not clear if this is the exact cause, and Fitbit did not provide us with an explanation for the outage.

The Charge 5 is one of our favorite Fitbit devices and an overall great tracker, thanks to its updated display and access to features like the ECG app and Daily Readiness Score. Outages like this are never ideal, but we're glad to see things back in working order.

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