Are Garmin Bounce watch bands replaceable?

Adjusting the band of the Garmin Bounce
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Are Garmin Bounce watch bands replaceable?

Best answer: Yes. The Garmin Bounce might be designed for kids, but it uses a standard 20mm Quick Release band that is replaceable should you want a different look. Any standard Garmin 20mm Quick Release band, or, if you can find one from a third-party brand, should fit the Garmin Bounce if you’re looking to update the look.

What is the Garmin Bounce?

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Introduced in November 2022, the Garmin Bounce is the company’s next-generation wearable for kids. Designed for kids aged 6+, it features LTE connectivity with an optional subscription directly from Garmin that allows parents to send text and voice messages to kids directly to the watch, and for them to reply in kind. 

Parents can track their children, and kids can send their parents their live location. Geofencing is also available, allowing parents to set up notifications if a child leaves a specified geographic area, like within a block of the house, for example. As an activity-tracking smartwatch, the Garmin Bounce also tracks stats like steps, sports and activities (with 20 pre-loaded), sleep, and even chores set by the parent or child. Kids can play games, receive virtual coin rewards, and unlock different adventures as they get active throughout the day. 

The Garmin Bounce comes in three color options: Green Burst, Black Camo, and Lilac Floral. The 1.3-inch 240 x 240-inch LCD touchscreen can also be customized with various fun watch faces. For changing up the look, you can use any Garmin Quick Release 20mm watch strap. 

Keep in mind you won’t find any replacement watch straps specifically designed for the Garmin Bounce, which is exclusively available direct from Garmin. But other Garmin 20mm Quick Release bands will fit it. You’ll find those sized bands available for a wide variety of Garmin devices, including the Garmin Forerunner 245, Garmin Forerunner 645, Garmin vivo active 3, Garmin vivo Move HR, and others. 

A different band is a great gift to help a child personalize the look of the watch, one of the best smartwatches for kids, matching it to fit their mood, outfit, or personal style. The included band is made of silicone, but you can use bands of all types of materials as well, including suede, leather, and nylon. 

There are third-party bands available, but you might want to stick with an authentic Garmin-branded band to be sure it will fit perfectly and works with the Quick Release system.

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