We're answering your Nexus 7 questions in the forums!

This is the device so many of us have been waiting for -- the successor to the original Nexus 7. With a new design, improved internals and a serious bump in screen resolution, the new Nexus 7 seems to check all of the boxes on paper. Now that things have settled down a bit following a whirlwind of news out of Google in San Francisco yesterday, we're back home with our very own Nexus 7 and we want to answer those burning questions you all have about the device.

While a lot of digital ink has already been spilled over the specs and availability, there are some things you can only know by holding the tablet in your hands. Hop into the forums below and ask those questions that just haven't been answered yet.

Ask me about the new Nexus 7!

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  • Awesome Posted via Android Central App
  • How do black colors compare to GS4. Or colors in general.
  • Is it gorilla glass3 Posted via Android Central App
  • Is it gorilla glass3 Posted via Android Central App
  • Who is the manufacturer ASUS? Posted via Android Central App
  • Yes
  • No $25 Google Play credit this time? Hahaha
  • Does it has the gold contacts on the side, to seat it on the nexus dock^
  • No. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm thinking of upgrading from my 2012 N7. Is it worth upgrading to?
  • Only question I have is........ When you are done with it, can I have a go. LoL so can't wait to get one. Posted via Android Central App
  • Is there hdmi output? Meaning can we mirror the device to our hdtvs?
  • After some time with it, is it really worth upgrading from the previous nexus 7 ?
  • Will it play amazon prime movies?
  • USB to go and also will it support divx. Posted via Android Central App
  • Can you confirm if it has haptic feedback.
  • This thing looks very tall, and not so wide. What's it like holding it in portrait mode?
  • Will it blend? Posted via Android Central App
  • MX Player not working on 4.3, any workarounds?
  • Somewhere I read that the Nexus 7 camera can't be unlocked. Does this mean that I won't be able to use Skype with video?