Tymometer Watch Face

With the many watch faces out there, many of them overflowing with info, it can be rough trying to find the right one. The Tymometer Watch Face on Android Wear might be one you've overlooked. It's got a sharp, simple face that gives you the time in an easy to read format. It isn't weighed down by extra info, and it gives you the time quickly and with a touch of style.

Lets take a look.

Tymometer default

Tymometer has an easy to read display whether it's lit up and active or dimmed down in ambient mode. The time is displayed in two places for you, with a two tone color design. A graph runs across the middle of your screen indicating the time, with a digital readout above and below the graph. The hour is displayed above the time graph, and the minutes are displayed underneath it.

There aren't a ton of color options, but setting up your personal two-toned look is fun. Your background is either black, or white depending on which color scheme you go with. You get four options for the black background; Red, yellow, green and grey. If you prefer the white background, then your contrast options are red, yellow, blue or light green. You can also switch between a 12 hour and 24 hour format for the time readout. The accent color starts small on the left of your smartwatch screen, and slowly progresses to the right as the hour goes. It's a neat feature, and one we hadn't seen elsewhere yet, which is refreshing.

Tymometer options

The Tymometer Watch Face is a fantastic and simple face to add to your Android Wear watchface list. It's available now on the Play Store for only $0.99 and we really recommend it. If you've been looking for something simple, that gets you the time without being bogged down in extras then you definitely shouldn't miss the Tymometer Watch Face.