With the recent launch of phones like the Honor 9 and OnePlus 5, it's never been clearer that we're living in the age of the affordable flagship. The Honor 9, the latest phone from the Huawei-owned brand, isn't coming to the United States, but European customers will soon be getting their hands on the device, which just might offer the best balance between internal hardware, design and price.

The Honor 9 isn't as spec-obsessed as its rival, the OnePlus 5, but instead you get a beautiful reflective, curved glass chassis, a solid dual camera setup based on the camera of the P10, and the company's best Android-based software yet. It's also hand- and pocket-friendly, with a 5.15-inch screen diagonal complemented by an ergonomic shape.

And you get all that stuff for a mere £379.99 in the UK (or €449 in the eurozone).

Check out our hands-on video preview above for a rundown of what to expect in the Honor 9, and stay tuned for our full review, coming up next week!