Vodafone Launching HTC Magic May 1st

We had previously pegged the release date of the HTC Magic on Vodafone UK around April but new reports are pushing the date back to May 1st. So in a month's time you can expect the Second Android Device to be finally released! And *only* 8 months after the first Android Device! *sarcasm*

According to the reports, the HTC Magic will be given away for free to customers with a £25 or higher plan per month. As always, there are no specifics and nothing is really concrete in regards to price. With that said, we can surely expect the HTC Magic to release sooner than later and it's probably safe to say that Cupcake will be released to Android users within the same time frame.

If you need a reminder the HTC Magic is supposedly the G2 which is pretty much the same as the G1 except it's a full touchscreen with no sliding QWERTY keyboard. The styling and design of the Magic is definitely more drool-worthy than the G1 and of course, the oh so adorable chin is still around.

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Casey Chan